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本文摘要:Fighting a battle with Amazon.com Inc. to be the preferred entry point for Internet shopping, Google Inc. last year retooled its lucrative search page. Its strategy is showing signs of progress.在与亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)争夺战选用网络购物入口地位的大战中,谷歌(


Fighting a battle with Amazon.com Inc. to be the preferred entry point for Internet shopping, Google Inc. last year retooled its lucrative search page. Its strategy is showing signs of progress.在与亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)争夺战选用网络购物入口地位的大战中,谷歌(Google Inc.)去年改建了其极为赚的搜寻页面。它的战略如今开始表明出有获得进展的迹象。The change allowed retailers to post pictures, descriptions and prices of products at the top of search results, both on desktop computers and, later, mobile devices. For example, a Google search for microwave oven shows a grid of photos for specific models, sold online by retailers like Macys Inc. and Target Corp., with prices clearly marked. The ads more closely resemble what Amazon shows shoppers than Googles typical text-based ads. The same search on an iPhone shows a carousel of such ads that users can swipe through.谷歌的调整使零售商可以在搜寻结果的顶部公布商品照片、产品描述和价格,趁此机会台式电脑可以利用这一功能,随后推展至移动设备。

荐个例子,用谷歌搜寻“微波炉”,不会表明梅西百货(Macys Inc.)和Target Corp.等零售商在网上销售的明确款型的照片,并具体标明价格。这种广告更加像亚马逊面向购物者投入的广告,而非谷歌那种典型的基于文字的广告。用谷歌搜寻iPhone,不会表明一系列涉及广告,用户可以滑动屏幕展开查阅。

By directly helping searchers who know what they want, Googles product-listing ads, as they are called, reduce the number of clicks before users get to the buy button. Searchers click on product ads 34% more frequently than regular text ads, according to Adobe Systems Inc.s research arm.对于那些告诉自己想什么的搜索者,谷歌所谓的“产品列表广告”可以增加用户到达“出售”按钮之前的页面次数。据奥多比系统公司(Adobe Systems Inc.)旗下的研究公司说道,比起常规的文字广告,搜索者对这类产品广告的点击量要高达34%。

Recent data suggest that such product-listing ads are attracting advertisers and revenue-generating clicks. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and eBay Inc. are the top buyers of Googles product ads, according to AdGooroo, a search-advertising research firm. Marin Software Inc. says that its advertising clients more than doubled spending on Black Friday product ads, compared with last year.最近的数据表明,这类产品列表广告开始更有广告客户,还能带给可以建构收益的点击量。据搜寻广告研究公司AdGooroo说道,沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)和eBay Inc.是谷歌产品广告的仅次于买家。Marin Software Inc.说道,其广告客户在今年黑色星期五的广告开支较去年减少了一倍以上。


One happy advertiser using Googles new ads is John James, chief executive of Acumen Brands, which owns retailer CountryOutfitter.com. The product-listing ads perform very well, he says, particularly when searchers know what they are seeking, like the Ariat Rambler Cowboy Boots his company advertises on Google. They are definitely a way to unlock value compared to old text ads, Mr. James says.约翰詹姆斯(John James)就是一位用于谷歌新的广告并深感失望的广告客户。他是Acumen Brands的首席执行长,该公司旗下享有零售商CountryOutfitter.com。詹姆斯说道,产品列表广告展现出十分好,特别是在是当搜索者告诉自己想什么的时候,比如他的公司在谷歌打了广告的Ariat Rambler牛仔靴。詹姆斯说道,比起过去的文字广告,这种产品列表广告毫无疑问是获释价值的一种途径。

At stake is supremacy in the U.S. e-commerce market, which comScore expects to grow 14% to around $210 billion this year. While many think of Amazon and Google as being in separate businesses, the two are locked in fierce competition to be the first search box shoppers turn to when they are browsing products online. As more Internet users begin searches on Amazons marketplace--which comprises an array of vendors besides itself--Google loses an opportunity to show them ads.广告客户争夺战的是美国电子商务市场的霸主地位。comScore预计,美国电子商务市场的规模今年将快速增长14%,至约2,100亿美元。尽管很多人指出亚马逊和谷歌业务有所不同,但这两家公司却在白热化竞争沦为购物者在网上网页产品时选用的搜寻提供商。

随着更好的网络用户开始在亚马逊的集市上搜寻产品――亚马逊的集市上除了亚马逊本身外还有很多零售商――谷歌丧失了一个向这些用户表明广告的机会。In a recent survey, analytics and software firm SDL asked people the top three places they intend to research gift purchases this holiday season. Online search registered 45%, down from 49% a year ago. Meantime, the channel growing the most in popularity was the one that includes Amazon, jumping to 37% from 31%.在最近的一项调查中,分析及软件公司SDL请求受访者所列这个假日季选用的三个搜寻网购礼物的地方。“网络搜寻”占到了45%,高于上年的49%。与此同时,人气快速增长最慢的是还包括亚马逊在内的渠道,从31%减至37%。

Many e-commerce experts say Google has a long way to catch up to Amazon when it comes to online-shopping searches. Jeff Jordan, a former eBay executive who is now a partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, contends that Amazon thrives by offering a better shopping experience than Google. He says the formula of selection, price and convenience is radically in Amazons favor, with its large network of merchants, consistent low prices, one-click ordering and fast shipping.很多电子商务专家说道,在网络购物搜寻方面,谷歌要跟上亚马逊还有很长一段距离。前eBay高管、现为风投公司Andreessen Horowitz合伙人的杰夫乔丹(Jeff Jordan)否认,亚马逊通过获取比谷歌更佳的购物体验而兴旺一起。

他说道,将商品自由选择、价格和便利性综合一起看,亚马逊占到了显著优势,亚马逊享有可观的商户网络,一贯的较低价格、一键页面下单和较慢的发货。ChannelAdvisor, which manages e-commerce efforts for retailers, says its clients sales via Amazon increased about 25% in the third quarter, compared with a year earlier. Sales to users who arrived via search engines like Google increased about 1%.为零售商管理电子商务活动的ChannelAdvisor说道,第三季度其客户通过亚马逊构建的销售额较上年同期减少了大约25%,对通过谷歌等搜索引擎而来的用户的销售额快速增长了大约1%。