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本文摘要:W means wide connection.W代表广联互通。Wuzhen is located in Zhejiang province, an economic powerhouse in East China. 乌镇坐落于中国经济强劲省浙江。


W means wide connection.W代表广联互通。Wuzhen is located in Zhejiang province, an economic powerhouse in East China. 乌镇坐落于中国经济强劲省浙江。More than 80 percent of the country’s e-retailers, 70 percent of exports, and 60 percent of e-commerce relies on platforms based in Zhejiang. 我国80%以上的电子零售商、70%的出口以及60%的电子商务都是相结合浙江省内的平台开展业务。

Tongxiang itself, which Wuzhen is a part of, is home to 560 Internet enterprises, over 30,000 registered retailers and 48 Taobao service stations.仅有桐乡市就有560家互联网企业,3万多家登记在册的零售商和48个淘宝网服务站点。The essence of Internet is connection, the value of information lies in interflow. 互联网的精髓在于网络,而信息的价值在于互通。The World Internet Conference brings opportunities and vigor to Wuzhen, a city which perfectly reflects nature, tradition, development and modernity.世界互联网大会为乌镇带给了机遇和活力,而这个城镇本身就极致反映了大自然、传统、发展与现代。


U means universal vision.U代表全球视野。With a theme of Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace, the conference will be composed of forums, an expo, and a release event in addition to the opening and closing ceremonies. 在创意驱动,造福人类——联手资源共享网络空间命运共同体的主题下,本届互联网大会将举行论坛、博览会、公布活动以及进闭幕式等活动。The conference will host 16 forums covering 20 hot issues, such as Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, governance in cyberspace and international cooperation on Internet.大会将举行16场论坛涵括20个热门话题,还包括:互联网经济,互联网创意,互联网文化,网络空间管理以及互联网国际合作,等等。

World leading Internet achievements will be on display at the Light of the Internet Expo.全球领先的互联网成果将在互联网之光博览会上展览。Z means zealous ideas.Z代表充满著激情的点子。Wuzhen’s Xizha scenic spot and Wucun county have been selected to host brainstorming activities for Internet and tech giants, such as Alibaba, Foxconn, Jinritoutiao, 58.com.乌镇西栅景区和乌村不会举行互联网和科技界大咖头脑风暴活动,大咖们来自阿里巴巴、富士康、今日头条以及58同城等。

H means humanitarian care.H代表人道主义关怀。Industry experts and insiders from across the globe have been invited to attend. 全球的行业专家和内部人士都应邀参加本次大会。

It is the first time that the Light of the Internet Expo will be open to the public. 互联网之光博览会也首次对公众对外开放。Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and over 310 well-known enterprises will attend the expo. 微软公司、IBM、SAP、阿里巴巴、、百度以及310多家知名企业都将现身博览会。


A total of 6,300 multilingual students from 15 universities in Zhejiang province will serve as volunteers in reception centers, main venues, news centers, airports and hotels.来自浙江15所高校的6300名多语种学生在招待中心、主场馆、新闻中心、机场和酒店获取志愿服务。E means economic benefits.E代表经济收益。Cross-border and rural electricity suppliers, sharing economy, big data, cloud computing, Internet finance and intelligent equipment have become common place in daily life, not to mention information economy is now an important contributor to Chinese GDP.跨境和农村电力供应、共享经济、大数据、云计算、互联网金融以及智能设备早已在日常生活中普及,更加不用说,信息经济如今早已是我国国内生产总值的最重要组成部分。

Innovation-driven development is key to succeeding in the international economy, and innovative Internet development will bring prosperity to the whole world. 创意驱动发展是在全球经济中取得成功的关键,而创意的互联网发展将为整个世界带给兴旺。The Chinese Internet Plus initiative lays the foundation for digital China construction, boosting Internet innovation and bringing untold benefits. 中国的互联网+战略为数字中国建设奠下了基础,增进了互联网创意,还带给了无数受到影响。The rapid development of the Chinese Internet is set to bring more opportunities to international enterprises and entrepreneurs.中国互联网的较慢发展终将为全球的企业和企业家们带给更加多机遇。N means new future.N代表新的未来。

The Wuzhen International Internet Convention Center, a permanent home for the World Internet Conference, was designed by Wang Shu, a professor at the China Academy of Art, winning a Pritzker Architecture Award. 世界互联网大会的永久场馆——乌镇互联网国际会展中心由中国首位弗利兹克建筑奖得主、中国美院教授王澍领衔设计。Covering 81,000 square meters and consisting of three functional areas (a conference center, a reception center, and an exhibition center), the venue will meet the needs of the event, including hosting meetings, forums, and exhibitions. 会展中心占地面积8.1万平方米,由三个功能区构成(会议中心、招待中心以及展出中心),将符合世界互联网大会的所有市场需求,还包括举行会议、论坛和展出。The conference center is composed of a main venue and 18 meeting rooms, while the exhibition center has eight pavilions. 会议中心由一个主场馆和18个会议室构成,展出中心有8个展馆。The interior decoration of the venue meets the standards of most large international conferences with a complete set of facilities, plus fast and reliable Internet services.会展中心的内部装饰超过了举行大型国际会议的标准,设备齐全,网络服务快捷平稳。